Americans for UNFPA Announces Student Award Winner

Nicole Marie Paprocki, a sophomore from Loyola University Chicago, wins the 2009 Americans for UNFPA Student Award for the Health and Dignity of Women. Ms. Paprocki will travel to a UNFPA field program with Americans for UNFPA staff to meet one of the 2009 International Honorees for the Health and Dignity of Women. She will learn about the global health and rights of women by visiting women's health programs on the ground. Ms. Paprocki will guest-blog about her experience on and will represent Americans for UNFPA as a student ambassador at campus, political and advocacy events.

"Her actions [as displayed in her resume] back up her words," commented Abigail Pesta, Deputy Editor, Marie Claire. Ms. Paprocki's application tells us that she's going to get things done and that she will take this opportunity and run with it," Pesta continued.

"The quality of the applications was impressive and inspiring," said Anika Rahman, President, Americans for UNFPA. "From journalism students to MBA candidates, and pre-med to pre-law, it was a privilege to read the impassioned views of our future leaders, she continued."

"We are delighted to welcome Ms. Paprocki at the 2009 Student Award winner and look forward to her leadership and support," said Rahman.

Ms. Paprocki, wrote about "the necessity of cross-cultural solidarity in a time of unprecedented globalization."

To read her essays or learn more visit

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