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13 LED Light Therapy Masks Worth Every Penny

Masking at home: So hot rn.

led light therapy face mask
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When people talk about "the future of skincare," I don't think any of us predicted something quite so futuristic. Whether you're a serial Instagram scroller or just have your thumb on the pulse of the newest, coolest skincare innovations, you've probably heard a little something about LED skin therapy. In the past, these fancy treatments were only available under the practiced hand of your aesthetician for in-office treatments. Now, this luxury is available for you to use at your leisure when your skin is in the mood for something fancy.

What does LED light therapy do?

LED light therapy is actually a NASA technology that was adopted by the skincare community, thanks to its ability to heal wounds and tame inflammation. Blue light frequencies are typically used to treat acne, while red light is used for anti-aging concerns. At-home devices are less powerful than the treatments you'd get at a dermatologist's office, which means you can use them safely but it may take longer to see visible results.

Is LED light therapy safe?

After years of avoiding the sun's UV rays in the service of healthy skin, it can feel counter-intuitive to purposefully treat your face with light. But facialists, dermatologists, and beauty editors agree: LED light treatments are safe and effective treatments for your complexion. If you're curious about the LED face masks that will up your skincare and Instagram game, read on for some of the best on the market.

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For Multitasking
How To Glow LED Light Therapy Mask
courtesy of revolve
Solaris Laboratories NY revolve.com

If you don't have time to stop and bask in the LED glow, this professional-grade mask is transparent so you can keep on hustling. Simply charge it up and let its red, blue, and amber lights do their thing. 

The Professional-Grade Mask
DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare dermstore.com

This FDA-approved Dr. Dennis Gross creation mimics the kind of light therapy treatments you can get in your aesthetician's office. It features red and blue light, so you can either your area of concern or use both at the same time. Red light diminishes signs of aging, while blue light kills off acne-causing bacteria. It's easy to use, and will make you look like a gorgeous, clear-skinned robot while it's on.

For Multiple Skin Issues
WrinkLit LED Mask
Skin Gym bloomingdales.com

Some days, you might notice your skin looks duller usual. Other days, you wake up with a smattering of zits that have you running for your medicine cabinet. Skin changes, but this mask will adapt with it. Its blue, red, and orange lights all work to treat different conditions, and you can switch them depending on the state of your complexion.

For Extra Comfort
Skin LED Light Therapy Mask
currentbody skin currentbody.com

This mask's patented silicone is what makes it a stand out amongst the pack. Its flexibility means the mask's red and infrared lights can hit and treat every contour of the face, making it more effective when it comes to improving skin tone, texture, and the appearance of fine lines. And hey, the more comfy it is, the more we'll use it. 

The Budget Option
LED Facial Mask
Lux Skin luxskin.co

Most LED masks on the market are over $300. But this budget option can shift between blue, red, and  yellow light (thought to increase production of new skin cells). Plus, because it's wireless, you can put in laundry, make a snack, or get in a few shavasanas while you treat. 

Most Customizable
Dermashine Pro 7 Color Wireless LED Face Mask
Dermashine amazon.com
$119.99 (40% off)

This isn't affordable, per se, but it does much of the same of the other options of this list for a fraction of the price tag. With seven different color choices and a range of intensity options for each, this customizable pick is designed to tackle any number of skin issues.

The Bestselling Favorite
The Original #1 LED Mask
DermaLight idermalight.com

This robot-looking mask not only treats your face with LED light therapy, but includes a neck piece so you can target neck wrinkles as well. It has seven different light modes to treat every ailment from acne, aging, scars, dullness and more. These spa-esque light treatments take between 15 and 30 minutes, which means it's time to listen to turn on a calming podcast and indulge in me time.

For Acne-Prone Skin
CellReturn Premium LED Wireless Mask
Angela Caglia saksfifthavenue.com

This wireless device uses red light, blue light, and pink light to combat signs of aging, inflammation, and acne. In 20 minutes, LED red lights reduces fine lines, age spots and improves collagen production in the skin. For acne-sufferers, blue light eliminates bacteria that can cause future breakouts while pink light heals inflammation from existing ones.

For Aging Eyes
Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses
SKIN INC. nordstrom.com

While many LED masks target the entire face, this device is specially designed to treat dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness around the eye area. With red, yellow and orange light, 10 minutes of using this targeted tool will revive tired-looking eyes so you can appear vibrant, awake and forever youthful.

Best for Selfies
Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device
MZ Skin revolve.com

While this mask might give you Game of Thrones flashbacks (anyone remember those scary people with gold masks?) this LED mask uses three lights to give you the skin you want. While it features the classic red and blue lights, this device also features yellow and white light. Yellow light treats redness and increases circulation, while white light repairs wounds to the skin.

For City Dwellers
LED Light Shield Mask
dmh aesthetics poosh.com

This LED shield might look like a futuristic visor, but it contains three light settings that treat your skin like royalty. While red light is anti-aging and blue light eliminates bacteria, amber light helps cell turnover and removes waste and pollution from your skin. Used long-term, you can kiss pimples and wrinkles goodbye! 

The Multi-Light Marvel
Pro Mask Next Generation
Déesse shanidarden.com

This mask features not two, not three, but six different treatment light options. Along with anti-aging and anti-acne capabilities, it also features green light to help even skin that may have been affected by scars or sun damage. It also features infrared light that promotes healthy circulation and heals damage. The good news is that the more you use it, the better your skin will become overtime.

Easiest to Use
Boost Advanced
The Light Salon nordstrom.com

Unlike many LED masks, this mask is made of a flexible material so it's easy to store and fits nicely around the skin. This mask features red light and infrared light, which powerfully improves blood circulation all while treating damaged skin and signs of aging.

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