Diane Sawyer and Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd Speaks Out About Harvey Weinstein

It was her first interview since going public with her story.

Sexist Comments Gretchen Carlson Had to Deal With
The former cable-news host is suing CEO Roger Ailes, saying he fired…
Chipotle's New Scandal Is Even More Disgusting...
You won't believe the things managers said to female employees and c…
Huzzah: Woman Sues Her Bigwig Wall Street Boss for Sexual Harassment, Wins $18 Million
"He thought he owned her," her lawyer said. Obviously he thought wrong.
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Catcalling Women Can Have Seriously Dark Consequences
A new study shows it can make women more afraid of being attacked.
egyptian women sexual harassment
Egyptians Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment
In Egypt, a nation where over 99 percent of women have experienced a form of sexual harassment, both men and women strive to make chang…
When Geeks Attack
What happens when you tick off a computer programmer? Alissa Quart reports on the tech industry's outrageous, shameless, and totally ou…
A New Way to Commute: Women-Only Trains in India
All (Women) Aboard India New Commuter Trains
man in suit with woman behind him nuzzling his neck
Women Harassing Men
Why are complaints about women bosses preying on men on the rise?
Help! My Boss Groped Me
Dear CC: My boss groped me at a company party. It wasn't overt and disgusting, but nor was it appropriate. He's an OK guy and a good ma…
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