The 32 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

Have a tea connoisseur in your life? We've got you covered.

susanna hayward
(Image credit: Susanna Hayward)

When I think of tea enthusiasts, my dad comes to mind. He practically raised me on a mugs of black tea with lemon and honey, eagerly preparing his signature, scientific brew whenever I expressed the slightest interest in his drink of choice. As my siblings and I got old enough to purchase thoughtful gifts for our parents, (opens in new tab) we immediately identified tea-related gifts that he would obsess over and even managed to introduce him to all sorts of blends and tea-adjacent items that he loves. So, in the spirit of my dad, we’ve picked out the perfect gifts for every tea devotee. From loose leaf tea samplers to lovely kettles and artisanal honey, here’s a selection of gifts for any tea evangelist.