The Best Diptyque Candles Marie Claire Editors Swear By

Perfect for the holiday season.

Diptque candles
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Lighting a Diptyque candle has no seasonal restraint, but I will say that a burning wick on Feu de Bois or Ambre when there’s a chill in the air feels extra special. There’s Baies (Berries) if you’re in the mood for something lighter, and, of course, limited-edition luxury candles like Sapin (Pine Tree) or Delice (Delight) for a holiday treat. The Parisian brand houses nearly 50 scented candles, in varying sizes. No matter how much you love letting a flame burn in your home, it’s nearly impossible to try every single option (the wicks are meant to last 60 hours). Alas, the Marie Claire team has done just that and definitively determined the best 12 Diptyque candles in existence. 

There’s something for everyone on this list, whether you like a robust and rich profile with a subtle throw or a fruity, fresh effect that diffuses throughout the entire room. Buy a handful for yourself (it’s important to have a candle stockpile), scoop up a few to give as a gift this holiday season, or invest in the brand’s new refillable options and walk away with a gorgeous re-usable base. To help you decide which Diptyque candles are worth the investment, scroll ahead.

The Best Diptyque Candles

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