Daisy Melamed Sanders

Rene Daniella
The Only 5 Dresses You Need for The Rest of the Year

Yes, even especially when it's cold.

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30 Cult-Favorite Asian Beauty Products You Need in Your Life

These deserve a permanent place in your beauty arsenal, STAT.

Rene Daniella
You Only Need 10 Items of Clothing (Really)

It's about time you streamlined your closet.

10 Shoes That Will Transform Any Outfit

Next. Level.

10 Chic Shoes That Actually Feel Good All Day

Because your feet deserve to be blister-free and happy.

Happy Feet: The Cutest Spring Shoes Under $200

Put some pep in your step (without making your wallet cry).

The Perfect Work Outfit for Every Day of Your Week

Look like a ladyboss.

The World's Most Elite Female Chefs Reveal What It's Really Like to Have Three Michelin Stars

There are only seven women in Michelin's history to hold its coveted three-star rating—here, two of them fill you in.

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How to *Actually* Achieve Perfectly Dewy Skin

Hint: It ALL starts with a fresh (read: clean) face.

5 Ways to Style Fall Boots That Actually Look Chic

Because clunky does *not* cut it.

Exactly What You Should Splurge on at Every Age
Buy statement shoes at 21, a nice car at 30—and every other "reward" you'll want on your list.
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What to Wear to Every BBQ Now Through Labor Day
Clothes that will look cute *and* be comfortable enough to eat about seven hot dogs in.
Eco-Chic Has Never Looked This Good
Eco-conscious clothes just got a whole lot more fashionable.
This 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine Is One You Can Actually Try

No need for international shipping!