'Is This Ass Too Flat?' The Conversation That Needs to Not Happen (PHOTO)

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In the latest example of Internet fodder that just shouldn't exist, TMZ posted a minute-long video last week of Italian model and actress Olga Kent in a bikini with the infuriating headline, "Hot Italian Model WHAT A FLAT ASS." The purpose of the post? You guessed it—a discussion about whether this woman's bum was too flat. Seriously?

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TMZ wrote that its newsroom was "divided" over the question: "Some people think it's way too flat and bony ... others think it's absolutely flawless. So, we gotta ask," the story reads. To put it simply: No, you don't.

While it is a sad truth that objectifying women's bodies happens all the time, this post and subsequent broadcast moment were especially sad. It seemed just as unsettling as body-shaming plus-size women. It's officially 2014—can this be the year we stop doing this to women? Please?

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