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Deputy Editor of News

I’m the news director here at, and I could really use a cup of tea right now. When I say I’m a lady on the street but a freak in the sheets, I mean that I’m eating mint chocolate cheesecake in bed. (Also, I’m a guy.)

Here's What Regina George's Sister Looks Like All Grown Up

For Mean Girls Day, she shared a #TBT with "mom" Amy Poehler.

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J.Lo's Birthday Dress Is Very Naked and Definitely Worth a Second (or Third) Look

There's a lot happening here, considering there's not much dress to begin with.

Caitlyn Jenner Will Attend Donald Trump's Inauguration

PEOTUS finally found himself a celeb guest!

Drake and J.Lo Are Officially a Thing

Insta-official is the only "official" that matters.

Billy Bush Has Been Suspended from 'Today' Show "Pending Further Review"

"There is simply no excuse for Billy's language and behavior on that tape."

Here's How Every Member of Taylor Swift's Squad Has Responded to Kim Kardashian's Snapchats

Or, as the case may be, *not* responded. There's a lot of silence out there.

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Here's More Amazing Footage of Blake Lively Fighting a Shark

The Shallows is a cinematic gift that keeps on giving.

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Guys, Blac Chyna Is Pregnant

The Kardashian name will kontinue on.

Ted Cruz Will Reportedly Name Carly Fiorina as His Would-Be Vice President

Fiorina is said to be his pick for a running mate in the election, should he land the GOP nomination.

Kanye "All Positive Energy" West Calls Taylor Swift "Fake" in Leaked 'SNL' Audio

And this is before she came for him in her Grammys Album of the Year acceptance speech.

Oh, and Beyoncé Just Announced A New World Tour


Tyga Just Confirmed He Wants to Marry Kylie Jenner for *Real*

So presumably these two are back on again. 

Louis Tomlinson Is Officially a Father

He's now a 1D-ad, if you will.