Sophia  Jones

Sophia Jones

Sophia Jones is a senior editor and journalist with the Fuller Project, a journalism nonprofit reporting on global issues impacting women. To learn more about their work visit

Debunking the Dangerous Hymen Myth
Almost 500 years after the hymen was first “discovered,” the hymen myth—that its presence can prove or disprove virginity—remains wides…
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The State of Virginity Testing Around the World
The sham exams are impacting women everywhere. Here, which countries are making positive strides and which countries are ignoring women…
In Afghanistan, Women Are Winning the Fight Against Virginity Testing

A new ruling brings women one step closer to ridding themselves of the sham procedure for good.

Why Are American Doctors Performing Virginity Tests?

No procedure exists that can prove virginity, yet dangerously unscientific virginity tests occur regularly—even in the United States.