Amanda Robb

fully dressed man and woman lying in bed together
Are You a Selfish Girlfriend?
You know what you want and how to get it. So where does he fit in?
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red lips biting computer chip
Why You'll Never Find Real Love Online

A former scientist behind tells all

sugarbabe book cover
How to Nab a Sugar Daddy
One woman tells her story of becoming a professional kept woman and how she managed to get four men to pay her way.
couple kissing
The Science of Love and Sex
Looking for Mr. Right? Change your birth control and other secrets to finding your perfect match revealed.
nissenbaum book
The Breakup Artist: Stories of High-Stakes Divorce
Having just released his book, Sex, Love and Money: Revenge and Ruin in the World of High-Stakes Divorce, high-profile divorce lawyer G…
internet schemes
Extreme Internet Schemes
Hey, we're all for finding creative ways to make a buck these days. But would you do what these women did?
Why Is This Woman Working at a Brothel?
Brooke Taylor, the star of HBO's Cathouse.
Lauren Wilson allowed her father to orchestrate her engagement.
Marriage: Never Been Kissed
Lauren Wilson allowed her father to orchestrate her engagement.
Abortion Clinics in South Dakota
The Last Clinic Standing
Abortion debate
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On most Monday mornings, Dr. Miriam McCreary wakes up before her pet parrot at 5 a.m. and dresses in the dark in order to make a 7:20 f…