Leslie Bennetts

jennifer buffet
The Billion Dollar Woman
Jennifer Buffett's father-in-law handed her a fortune with only one condition: She had to give it all away. It was a chance to change t…
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kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian Talks Marriage
Just weeks before Kim filed for divorce, the most business-minded reality star sat down with Marie Claire to take us inside her crazy l…
The View From The Top
It's good to be the boss. Three powerful women share the highs, lows, and biggest surprises of their kick-ass careers.
sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker's Next Act
Three young kids, two back-to-back movies, and one busy husband juggling his own demanding career SJP tells just how she does it.
chocolate and cream pastries
Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?
Could the power of meditation teach one woman to resist tables of temptation and use meditation to never diet again?
olivia wilde
Olivia Wilde's New Fairy Tale
On the brink of megastardom and just-divorced from her Italian prince, the actress is writing her own happy ending.
marriage and money
Will Money Destroy Your Marriage?
Secret bank accounts, hidden documents, foreclosure notices women across the country are uncovering shocking signs of financial infide…
michelle williams
Michelle Williams Laughs, Cries and Talks
With Oscar buzz building around Blue Valentine, the actress says hard work has helped her move beyond the tragedy of Heath Ledger's dea…
emma watson
Enchanting Emma Watson
She's the highest-earning girl in Hollywood and possibly the most grounded, sweet, normal, and adorable. Are we missing anything?
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