Tinashe on Industry Sexism and the Double Standards That Could've Been Shattered by a Female President

If only.

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Empowered, and unabashedly so, Tinashe has just the kind of energy we as women need right now. Almost as if she knew we'd be in need of some respite, days prior to the election she unveiled a new project Nightride, AKA our new bad bitch soundtrack.

A mixtape that that will serve as one of two parts of her forthcoming sophomore album Joyride (due out in 2017), it's a new chapter encompassing everything we love about the R&B singer/performer, from infectious trap beats to uh-huh-honey lyrics.

Here, we chat with Tinashe about her beauty routine (she's the face of X Out by Proactive), new music, industry sexism, clapping back at sexist trolls, and more.

Marie Claire: Your glow is year round. What's your skincare routine?

Tinashe: My routine actually stays pretty simple and consistent. Every morning I use the X-Out Wash-In Treatment with warm water in the shower. I towel dry my face, apply a moisturizer-sunscreen, and go!

MC: If you had to choose one product to bring on the road with you, what would it be?

T: It's the X-Out Wash-In Treatment. Then, I'll usually run an ice-cube over my skin to close all the pores. That's pretty much my daily routine.

MC: A woman's handbag is precious real estate. What products do you never leave home without?

T: Lip balm and hand lotion!

MC: You work with a very cool roster of makeup artists (we love Michael Anthony!), how do you guys conceptualize looks?

T: I love Michael Anthony. We met on set for a shoot and ever since then he has been my guy. We don't do too much conceptualizing—it's usually just a vibe we are feeling based on the wardrobe or mood of the shoot, and we go from there.

MC: What are some of the most game-changing tips you've learned from makeup artists?

T: Keep your brow game on point and always pack a lip gloss.

"Keep your brow game on point and always pack a lip gloss."

MC: You also serve up some major hair looks! What's your daily approach to keeping your hair healthy while changing things up?

T: One tip is to try and give your hair some time to relax. Don't over wash or over dry it.

MC: Your love for French fries makes you a girl after our own hearts—how do you balance indulgences and keeping a healthy, clear glow?

T: I have to say I've been pretty lucky in that my French fry indulgences don't really affect my skin. I keep a stable routine.

MC: As women, sometimes accepting our born-with-it traits is an evolution. Is there anything about yourself you've grown to appreciate versus loving all along?

T: I've learned to love my brown eyes.

MC: Your workouts are often informed by dance—particularly ballet—could you tell us about your routine? Your dancer abs are *unrivaled*.

T: I actually do a lot of Pilates and try to hike every day that I'm home. Also, I dance SO much in my shows and at rehearsals!

"Hopefully with a woman President the double standard will slowly begin to wane."

MC: You brought to the light the sexist double standards of getting compared to FKA Twigs while rappers don't catch the same flack. Why do you think that double standard exists?

T: I think that sexism existents everywhere. Just today I read in the news about women in Iceland leaving work due to the unfair pay gap. Hopefully with a woman President the double standard will slowly begin to wane.

MC: What are other examples of sexism you've encountered in the industry today? How do you rise above it?

T: Like anything, you just need to stay true to who you are and hope that social constructs don't get in the way of accomplishing your goals.

"You just need to stay true to who you are and hope that social constructs don't get in the way of accomplishing your goals."

MC: Full Disclosure: Your albums provide our favorite getting ready music (thank you for blessing us with "Superlove"!). What music do you love getting ready to?

T: I listen to a lot of twerk anthems.

MC: Your next album Joyride is forthcoming and we CANNOT WAIT. What can you tell us about it? How does it reflect your evolution as an artist?

T: It's meant to take you on a journey, sonically. My hope is that no matter your mood there is a song on there that speaks to you.

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