Rita Ora Says She Was Denied Entry to a Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Because of Her Outfit

This is some elitist BS right here.

Rita Ora recently joined Gordon Ramsay during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, and things took an awkward/amusing turn when he asked if she'd eaten at one of his restaurants. Answer: no. Because she wasn't dressed in "nice" enough clothing.

"Well, actually, funny little story," she said. "I mean, I was wanting to, I mean like everybody else that wants to go eat in a Ramsay restaurant and then, I just didn’t get in...I went in. I obviously—I wasn’t dressed the part. I walked in and was like 'Ooh I’d love a little, like, meal, you know?' and they were just like, 'No, this isn’t happening for you.'"

Apparently, Ora was wearing a tracksuit and sneakers. And while this is sort of funny (to his credit, Ramsay tried to find out which of his establishments had rejected her), it's also so dang elitist.

Wearing a nice outfit at a nice restaurant is fine, but the idea of turning someone away who's not dressed up to code is like something straight out of Pretty Woman.


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