People Are Convinced Rita Ora's Recent Fashion Choices Prove She's Becky with the Good Hair

And they say clothes aren't important pssh.


Don't you just love the smell of a Beyoncé controversy in the morning? Like all the other tiny escalations that preceded it, this one—Rita Ora's recent fashion statements—is simply a case of overzealous fans reading too much into nothing. OR ARE THEY?

In a Snapchat posted shortly before Beyoncé released her visual album, Ora can be seen wearing a mesh Tezenis bra…with lemon appliqués. But what really sent the Beyhive swarming was her necklace, which some who've apparently never used Snapchat before interpreted as a "J" for "Jay Z, or the most hated man in America right now." (News flash: It's definitely an inverted "R.")


To add more fuel to the fire, Ora stepped out in this Gucci ensemble Monday, which Beyoncé notably wore to straddle a floating police car in Formation.


But didn't she see what happened to Ali Larter in Obsessed? And, like, isn't Jay Z supposed to be *suing* Rita Ora? Maybe it's all a cover-up. I don't even know anymore. 

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