Amy Schumer Reportedly Has a New Chef Boyfriend, So Yes, She's Truly Living

Wait, they're so cute.

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Amy Schumer has reportedly moved on from her year-and-a-half long relationship with furniture designer Ben Hanisch, and is now dating chef Chris Fischer. Who, judging from his Instagram, is basically a perfect person who lives on a farm and spends his days enjoying food. Goals, dreams, bless up, etc.

The new couple were spotted eating dinner together on November 7 (peep a picture over this way), and E! reports that they met through his sister, who is Schumer's personal assistant.

Also important, here is a photo of him with a baby sheep, otherwise known as a lamb.

And here's a video of him cooking at his Martha's Vineyard farm for you to vicariously enjoy over an old slice of pizza. You're welcome.

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