Everyone Thinks Ivanka Trump Is Pregnant Thanks to This Photo

Fair enough.

Getty Images

2018 is gifting the world a fleet of celebrity babies, from Khloé Kardashian to Kate Middleton to definitely maybe Kylie Jenner. And, for a brief moment, it seemed like Ivanka Trump's name was about to be added to that list.

POTUS' daughter created some confusion when she posted the above photo in celebration of her husband Jared Kushner's birthday. Naturally, everyone assumed she was sharing a weirdly-timed pregnancy announcement with the world, but that is not the case—this is actually a throwback photo to Ivanka's pregnancy with her son Theodore. In fact, she updated her Instagram caption with #Throwback to try to calm everyone down.

And speaking of Instagram, this isn't the first time Ivanka's posted this photo—she also shared it in January of 2016.

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