Rita Ora and Travis Barker, a Real Couple No One Saw Coming

"Look! It's us. We happened."

Update, 10/4: First came an Instagram photo. Then came confirmation from E! News. But now we have word straight from the horse's mouth (the stallion in this case being Travis Barker), which means we can officially accept the fact that the former Blink 182 drummer/late '90s icon is indeed dating Rita Ora. 

In a new interview, Travis reveals the pair's plans for a couple's Halloween costume (adorbs) and their shared affinity for punk rock music (Really, Rita? Who knew?). Watch below:

Original story, 10/2: A week ago, Rita Ora and Travis Barker, the heavily tattooed former drummer for Blink-182, took a photo together. Now, they are dating, E! News confirms.

Here is the only other evidence of their relationship: a pic from their meeting at the Power 106 All-Star basketball game, where Barker performed his new single "100."

And here is RO's regram. Note the 🔥.

Modern love, eh? We'll see how this goes. 

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