Amy Schumer Doesn't See Marriage or Kids in Her Future

And you know what? That's okay.

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Weirdly, many people assume that women achieve peak happiness when they find a husband and pop out a couple children—preferably named some variation on Saint, Apple, or Pilot Inspektor.

But some women don't have marriage and kids on their radars, and some women simply don't want it on their radars. Amy Schumer is somewhere in the middle.

The Trainwreck star was one of one of Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2015, and was asked by the iconic host where she sees herself in 10 years. Amy responded by saying she wants to direct or produce, and Barbara was quick to point out that she didn't mentioned marriage or children. 

"Yeah, well that's what came out," Amy said. "I would love those things, but I don't really see it for myself. I hope that happens, but I don't know how realistic it is."

Best answer ever. Open, honest, and Amy Schumer to a T. Plus (and no offense to Babs), but shouldn't we be at the point where women having career-focused answers to this question is expected instead of surprising? 

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