James Corden and Anna Kendrick Sob to Adele and Sing About Love

And yes, ice cream was involved.

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(Image credit: YouTube)

As any Pitch Perfect fan knows, Anna Kendrick can sing. She's basically the Adele of romantic comedies, so imagine the world's excitement when she and James Corden performed "Soundtrack to a Love Story" on The Late Late Show.

In case the title isn't clear, the segment basically involved Anna and James singing love songs at each other—whilst acting out the emotional roller coaster that is being in a relationship. And since the most relatable part of being in a relationship is breaking up, eating ice cream, and sobbing to "Someone Like You," this happened:

But wait! After this sob-fest, James and Anna found their way back to each other because they a) believe in life after love like Cher, and b) will always love each other like Dolly Parton. Or Whitney Houston, depending on where your loyalties lie.

Watch the full video below as a means of making this work day slightly more bearable.

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