Amy Schumer and Blake Lively Are Calling Out These Sexist Magazine Covers

These stars are not here for gender stereotypes.

Amy Schumer and Blake Lively
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After a side-by-side of Girls' Life and Boys' Life magazine covers revealing gender stereotypes went viral , both Amy Schumer and Blake Lively wasted no time in seconding the swift backlash heard 'round the internet.

The former Marie Claire cover stars took to Instagram to critique the covers. Girls' Life tells readers how to get their "dream hair," while Boys' Life encouraged readers to follow their dreams and go the extra mile when it comes to a career.

First, Amy said what we're all thinking with a to-the-point "No."

Followed by Blake Lively's repost with a plea to the "ladies" to not fall for this kind of language.

The photo first took off after two parents made Facebook posts about how the covers reflect the alarmingly different expectations society places on girls and boys. One mom wrote an open letter (opens in new tab) to individuals listed on the Girls' Life masthead including the founding editor and creative director. In the post she writes, "You CAN fight the tide of objectification of girls. You CAN create covers and stories that treat girls as more than hair, lips, and kisses."

Hats off to Amy, Blake, and these parents for putting the proverbial foot DOWN.

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Simedar Jackson
Simedar Jackson

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