Episode 5 of Project Runway, Season 7

Recap of Episode 5, Project Runway Season 7

Last night's episode of Project Runway was the ultimate trifecta of fashion challenges.

The remaining designers had to duke it out style-wise for one the biggest prizes yet: their design on the cover of Marie Claire, to be modeled by one the most famous faces to ever grace a magazine cover, Heidi Klum. And to top it off, the guest judge was MC's very own editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles.

In a nutshell this challenge was major.

The result was panicked designers (many of whom seemed on the verge of a breakdown from minute 10 on) some catty bickering in the work room—finally, this season's contestants have just been too civil and pleasant to one another—and some of the most ruthless judging thus far.

Because last night's prize was one of the most prestigious in Project Runway history, the contestants faced an unbelievably tough panel. Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are always shrewd, but mix in Joanna Coles and Heidi, judging which garment the entire world will see her in, and these designers were shaking in their trendy, obscure-label boots.

While there were no heated battles in the workroom, some claws finally came out, as did some genius design. I haven't been all that impressed with the looks I've seen on this season's runway so far, but last night Anthony Williams took a well-deserved win with a funky and modern cocktail dress in a bright teal. Ben Chumura was praised for his bold use of color and Emilio Sosa proved, once again, that he knows how to turn out an incredible cocktail dress.

On the flip side, the bottom looks were a collection of muted tones and bad concepts, and the judges didn't hold back their disapproval. Nina and Joanna made it clear this was no time for amateur hour. Janeane Ceccanti and Mila Hermanovski were chided for their uninspired and drab looks, but wallflower Anna Lynett was the one sent packing for her ill-fitting top and shorts outfit.

All in all, the season definitely began to pick up some steam last night. Next week, one of my favorite designer challenges: working with children!


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