curly hair

Nicole Kidman's Daughter Looks Just Like Her

What a curly-haired little mini-me.

caroline smith
Girls with Curls
You twirl it, twist it, straighten it, and sometimes lop it all off …
Get the Look: Straighten Curly Hair Video
Avoid paying big bucks at a salon by straightening your curly hair y…
beyonce knowles
20 Stars with Curly Hair
These sexy celebs are spring-loaded with curls that are all the rage…
Get the Look: Creating Curls and Waves Video
Follow these steps to add luxurious waves and gentle curls to straig…
Turn Kinky Curls into Smooth Waves Video
Curly hair guru Lorraine Massey gives step-by-step directions on how to create soft waves out of naturally curly hair at home -- plus t…
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How to De-Frizz Curly Hair Video
Don't fight your curls, work with them! A-list stylist and Devachan creator Lorraine Massey demonstrates the easiest way to turn frizzy…
How to Really Wash and Condition Curly Hair Video
From washing -- sans shampoo -- to styling, celeb hairstylist Lorraine Massey explains what techniques keep curly locks healthy and moi…
girl with long blond hair
The Best Products for Your Hair Type

Whether it's thick and curly or fine and damaged, we've got the top products to style your tresses.

woman with curly short blond hair and woman with long blond hair
Tress Management
Customize your primping routine with these pro tips tailored to your hair type.