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Survival Guide: The OMG-Fall's-Already-Here Edition
Why should celebrities and models get to keep all the beauty gurus to themselves? Here, their go-to experts answer your questions.
close up of a womans face
12 Beauty Disasters and How to Fix Them
Solve all of your beauty crimes with these quick and easy how-to bea…
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What to Wear? Get Your Personal Fashion Finder...
Get daily style inspiration based on the weather in your city!
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Love Your Look: 23 Personalized Beauty Tips
Make the most of what you have with these simple makeup tips that pl…
close up of a womans face
Recession-Proof Your Skin
Affordable antiaging means shopping smart, not sacrificing results. …
How The Women of Lost Stay Gorgeous
Just in time for the 100th episode of Lost, we talked to Emily Katz, Makeup Supervisor for the show, on some behind-the-scenes makeup t…
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How to Save on Your Beauty Routine
Here, 3 ways to streamline your beauty routines.
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Insider Beauty Secrets from the Experts
We asked our favorite beauty junkies to weigh in on the hottest products for fall.
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This Month's Best Beauty Buys
Our beauty picks - the best new beauty products.
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5 Minute Makeup: Quick & Easy Beauty Tips
These quick and easy looks give you pretty, polished results with just a few products.
Beauty Products To Toss, Try & Buy
Our ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.
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How to Get Gorgeous Hair
Dream of having the silky, shiny, perfect hair you see in shampoo ads?