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9 Ways to Save Money on Your Commute
Read on for ways to save your hard-earned cash during rush hour.
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How Do You Force Yourself To Save Money?
It's easy to put money into a savings account (oh so conveniently li…
job hunting, irs, tax rebate
Work Expenses You Can Expense
According to the IRS, you can deduct certain expenses to the extent …
Money Diet Week 3: I'm Throwing My Money Away!
Hey everyone, I just wanted to address some of the comments on my la…
Eating in?
As promised, I'm checking in to tell you all how I did with my money…
The Best Ways to Keep Track of Your Money
Keeping track of your finances is as onerous and daunting a task as calorie counting.
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Where Do You Spend Most of Your Money?
I'm putting myself on a strict spending diet in May. For the last two months, I've been scrutinizing exactly where I shell out my preci…