transgender rights

Trump's Transgender Military Ban Isn't About Money

So let's put things in perspective, shall we?

New Health Ruling Could Harm Women, Trans People
A federal judge struck down new health rules that would have protect…
Top Court to Rule on Transgender Bathroom Law
The case involves a school that wants to prevent a trans teen from u…
The Massachusetts House of Representatives Just...

The House voted 116 to 36 in favor of the bill on Wednesday.

Transgender activist Joanna Cifredo testifies at a LGBT Equality Caucus hearing on anti-transgender violence on Capitol Hill in Washington.
An Alarming Number of Transgender Women Have Been...

These statistics are horrifying.

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'Transparent' Producer Rhys Ernst on the Problem of "Transplaining"

A look inside the hit show, and what pop culture gets right (and wrong) about trans issues.