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Adorable Gifts For Pups and Kitties

Animals and the people who love them are sure to want one of these affordable, pet-friendly presents.
Adorable Gifts for Pups and Kitties
Animals and the people who love them are sure to want one of these affordable, pet-friendly presents.
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Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet
Refurbish your pup's old bed in style. Molly Mutt's dog duvets use timeless patterns and chic designs to make pet essentials fashionable must-haves. Not only are they affordable but they're eco-friendly as well. $32 to $45 at Molly Mutt.
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Umbra FishHotel Fish Tank
The Umbra FishHotel is both aesthetically interesting and decorative, not to mention practical and easy to clean. After all, these are fish we're talking about: Super-sleek, post-mod design is as exciting as it gets. $23 at Amazon.com.
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Critterkind Cat Toy
Adorable and affordable, the super-soft Critterkind Cat Toy will keep your kitty entertained without breaking the bank. Added bonus: A portion of the profits is donated to the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society. $6 each at Olive Green Dog.
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American Apparel's California Fleece Dog Vest
Now you and your pet can turn heads at the dog park. All suggestive marketing aside, American Apparel does make some very cute and functional pet gear. This adorable K-9 fleece comes in 25 different color options and will keep your pup warm all winter long. $16 at American Apparel.
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Canadian Cat Cabin
Sure, you may still be renting, but at the very least give your favorite feline his or her own digs. The Canadian Cat Cabin is made of recycled cardboard and is completely eco-friendly. Bottom line, it makes for one sweet kitty pad. $25 at Kitty Planet.
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Cloud Star Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits
Who says the term foodie only applies to humans? Spoil your pup this winter with Cloud Star's Gingerbread Holiday Buddy Biscuits. Like all of Cloud Star's treats, they're made from 100 percent human-grade ingredients; and they smell really good. $7 at Entirely Pets.
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Urban Pet Food Bowls
Pet lovers should never have to compromise when it comes to home décor. Urban Pet's food bowl set is sleek, stylish and utilitarian. $59 at UMA.
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Itch Cat Scratcher
Let your cat vent its pent up energy on this wall scratcher instead of your furniture. Designed to camouflage their purpose, these boards will save your upholstery from a sad and scrappy death and your home's aesthetic from screaming "cat lady!" $49 at Feel More Human.
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Barktini Blends Shampoo & Spritz
Pet grooming is no picnic, but you can add a little bit of "party" to the chore with these luxuriously blended dog shampoos, which come in fruity scents like Cosmopolitan Canine, Piña Colada Pooch, and Daiquiri Dog. $19 at Barktini Blends.
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