The Thread & Supply Fleece That's All Over Instagram Is Less Than $50 at Nordstrom

During Nordstrom's 2019 Anniversary Sale, shoppers can get Thread & Supply's Wubby Fleece Pullover for almost half off. Shop it here.

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It's the fleece seen around the world. Or, at least, all over my Instagram feed. Over the past few weeks, it seems as if everyone I follow on Instagram can't stop raving about the Wubby, a plush pullover from Thread & Supply.

In a time when it feels like everyone has a pullover made of recycled plastic, fawning over a style from a relatively unknown brand feels, well, random. So, what's so good about this fleece? 

At first glance, the Wubby looks similar to all the other pullovers you have buried in the back of your closet. However, it's super versatile. The half-zip neckline is perfect for layering over a turtleneck or polo, while the relaxed fit makes it perfect for running errands or going to a casual brunch with girlfriends.

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The main difference is its plush, oh-so cozy material. The Wubby is made of a polyester fleece that looks like a teddy shearling. Everyone on Instagram claims this fleece is so comfortable, and it feels like you're rocking a wearable blanket. Plus, the Wubby is available in three fun colors—maroon, mustard, and a versatile white—so you're bound to make a statement.

After scrolling through endless posts about the Wubby, I picked one up at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale to see if it lives up to the hype. While I haven't worn it out just yet—after all, New York City is having a heatwave at the moment—I can certainly say it's one of the softest things I've ever touched. Really. And whether I wear it with jeans and riding boots or throw it over my workout clothes, I have a feeling I'll be wearing it constantly come fall.

Want to hop on the Wubby bandwagon? During Nordstrom's Anniversary sale, you can save 36 percent off this Insta-loved pullover. But hurry! Sizes and colors are already selling out, so you should add this to your cart, stat. Once the summer heat has simmered and the leaves start changing colors, who wouldn't want to spend their days in (basically) a wearable blanket? (And a hot tip—if The Wubby Fleece is no longer on sale by the time you read this, scoop up one of our Nordstrom promo codes.)

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