Kate Moss Half-Nude (of Course!) for Topshop

Kate Moss Half Nude for Topshop Video

Superest supermodel of all supers Kate Moss debuts her twelfth (!) Topshop collection this Thursday. Ready for a preview? Several blogs have leaked this sexy video shot by photog Nick Knight featuring Kate dancing around suggestively and looking gorgeous as usual. And yes, we're stoked for the collection, but judging by the amount of skin visible here, we have not a clue what the clothes themselves will actually look like. Maybe we need to watch more closely?

Erin Flaherty

Erin Flaherty is a beauty journalist and consultant who has contributed to numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal and Domino, among many others. She is a board member of the Women's Global Empowerment Fund and especially passionate about worldwide beauty anthropology and women's issues. She lives in Woodstock, NY with her husband and dog.