100 Iconic Fashion & Beauty Items

They're still around for a reason.

Herbal Essences Is Going Back to Its Roots

Minus the orgasm commercials.

Why You Should Be Using Avocado from Head to Toe

It's not *just* for guac.

5 Foolproof Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair

The struggle is *too* real.

7 Reasons Your Hair Looks Fried

Break these bad habits once and for all.

The Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type
Don't just reach for any bottle.
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The New Hair Washing Rules
How to clean your hair like a pro.
bathroom products
5 Quick Beauty Fixes (Using Products You Already Own!)
Shampoo as makeup remover? Toothpaste as zit cream? If you're in a pinch, here's a list of home remedies you can use as a temporary sub…
rainforest shampoo range
Does your hair need a silicone detox?
When it comes to frizz fighting, silicones are the secret weapon in most smoothing products. But silicone overdose can make hair duller…
bold and rich haircolors
You Can Buy Great Hair
Who says you're stuck with the hair you have? It's easy to change your lock look with these hi-tech products, at-home tricks and salon …
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
How Important Is a Guy's Hair?
I head to the other side of town to see my gay hairdresser so he can have his way with me. 
secrets to getting great hair
How to Get Gorgeous Hair
Dream of having the silky, shiny, perfect hair you see in shampoo ads?
Beauty Splurge vs Steal: Shampoo
Splurge vs Steal: Shampoos for You

Today's haute shampoos.

Beauty News From Marie Claire
Seductively Sexy Hair Products
Beauty News
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Shampoo for a Good Cause
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
brunette and blond models with hair styled up and down
Healthy Hair 101
Secrets to shinier, sexier, healthier hair
Fix Dry Hair
Is your hair dull and over-processed? How to fix it and keep it healthy and strong.
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s factor flat iron shine spray
Shine-Enhancing Hair Products
The secret to shiny locks? Keeping your hair as healthy as possible. How to up the shine factor.