What's in Jennifer Garner's Beauty Bag?

Maybe it's the dimples, but even in secret-agent gear, actress Jennifer Garner retains her girl-next-door quality.

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Now busier than ever with mini-me daughters Violet and Seraphina, the Neutrogena spokesperson shares her simple grooming and fitness regimen.

1. Tod's Pashmy Mummy bag, $1350: "This is big enough to carry everything I need, and bright colors make me happy."

2. Neutrogena Original Formula Facial Bar, $2.70: "I've been using this clean and simple soap since I was a kid."

3. Valslide Sliding Discs, $29.99: "I try to be consistent with my workout and not go overboard. I've been training with Valerie Waters for seven years."

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4. Neutrogena MoistureShine Lipstick in Angel's Blush and Think Pink, $9.49 each

5. Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock lotion, $9.99: "My mom has always been a big believer in sunblock, and now I use this sunscreen on myself and my daughters. I like that it contains naturally sourced minerals and a strong SPF."

6. Nerida Joy (business card shown): "If it weren't for Nerida, I would skip facials altogether, because it's so hard for me to sit still for that long. But they make such a difference--I go every month."

7. Amazon Kindle, $359: "I always take some reading and my own pillow when traveling. But all I really need to make a strange place home is my husband and my girls. Does that sound cheesy? Oh well, it's true."

8. Smoothies Elastics, $3.50

9. Blue Tree Candle, $54: "I love the subtle scent. I can burn one all day—even around a baby—and not feel overpowered. And they remind me of their creator, actress Phoebe Cates, whom I adore."