What's In Sharon Stone's Makeup Bag?

Precious Stone: Sharon Stone is still a sass act - and happy to sound off about makeup.

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One of Hollywood's baddest good-time girls, Sharon Stone, is so ready for her new close-up. With a performance in Bobby that almost made you forget about Basic Instinct 2 and a global gig as the face of Dior's Capture Totale line ("Snoop" caught up with her in Moscow for the launch of a new p.m. regimen, Capture Totale Night), she's glad, she says, that her ingenue days are history: "I love being 48, having traveled the world, met amazing people, and seen great art."

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Indeed, even with a few wrinkles, Stone still makes Hollywood take notice. Case in point: Her star turn as auctioneer for the amfAR AIDS foundation. At the most recent auction, when the price for a private screening of Bobby hit $400,000, the producer, Harvey Weinstein, thanked her and told her she could stop there. Stone didn't, and bid the crowd up another hundred thou. "Have fun and experience everything" is her motto—that goes for her charity work and her beauty routine, we discovered.

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1. PANTENE 2-IN-1 SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: "My stylist recommended this, and with all the time I don't have, how could I argue?"

2. DIPTYQUE CANDLES: "Candlelight, white flowers, music, or a great book—these are my favorite destressers."

3. ROOT-BEER FLOATS: "I'm thoughtful about what I put in my body, but every once in a while, I have a root-beer float as a treat."

4. BATH SALTS: "The one beauty product I cannot live without. A bath always helps me have a good night's sleep."

5. RUSSIAN CIGARETTES: "When I was in Africa, I tasted crocodile—a tribal delicacy. Here, at Moscow's Pushkin Cafe, why not indulge once in a Russian cigarette?"

6. DIOR 5-COLOUR EYESHADOW IN MYSTIC JADE: "I even use the wild colors in this palette, because they really work together."

7. DIORSHOW POWDER IN ARTISTIC BRONZE: "I put this on instead of foundation to get a little glow. Most foundations make you look 103—and they don't come in human shades. Who's actually pink? Or yellow?"

8. JEANS: "I live in them—and white Tshirts— on weekends. I stuff my cell phone in my back pocket, some makeup in one front pocket, and my driver's license in the other."

9. TOYS: "This is really how I get out the door in the morning: I switch on Nickelodeon and place a bowl of toys on a fluffy rug for my three kids—ages 6, 1-and-a-half, and 6 months—to play with while I do my makeup."

10. KATE SOMERVILLE QUENCH HYDRATING SERUM: "It's light, yet it still provides tons of moisture."

11. DIORSHOW MASCARA IN BLACK: "I can't stand taking off my mascara, so I only use this when I go out. Would someone please invent an eye-makeup remover that doesn't make it look like you got beaten up?"

12. CATHERINE MICHIELS JEWELRY: "I wore it in the first ad I did for Dior and fell in love with the craftsmanship."

13. CHRISTIAN DIOR CAPTURE TOTALE MULTI-PERFECTION CREME: "When I was 12, my mom told me to moisturize daily— and you should see her: no wrinkles at 74! My routine differs depending on climate, but this is my favorite for airplane travel."