MC's cubicle coach tells you how to get credit for your

Dear CC: Every time I submit an idea to my boss, she takes
it to her boss and presents it as her own. I want it to stop, but I can't
afford to piss her off. How do I get the credit I deserve?

Try to figure out what this boss is all about. She could
simply be your garden-variety snake. Then again, maybe she knows she's in over
her head. Next time she pulls one of these intellectual hijackings, say
something like, "I'm so glad you liked my idea for a roll-on
contraceptive; before you take it to research and development, maybe we could
meet and flesh out the concept some more?" If that doesn't work, advance
to the judicious use of e-mail, also copying the big boss next time you have an
idea. If Snake Boss retaliates, you could consider that Russian spy plutonium-in-the-sushi
trick. You weren't going anywhere with her anyway, sweetie. It's time to bail.

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