6 Simple Rules for Assistants With Big Ambitions


Put Your Fantasy on Hold

You are young and have a lot to learn. Maybe you think you can win an Oscar next year because like I really believe in this script. Or maybe you dont think you have to worry about a little thing like a movies commercial viabilityOh, you little egomaniac, you.
Sean Locke

Thicken Up That Skin

You may hate it when that agent from Endeavor thinks youll be more likely to have your boss return the call if he calls you babe over the phone, but its really not worth getting your panties in a bunch. Why? He could be the same guy who recommends you for the job at Scott Free (Ridley and Tony Scotts company) As they say, sticks and stones will break your bonesThe exception? Slut, No one is ever allowed to call you a slut.
Andy Dean

Theres No Such Word as Cant

If your boss asks you to do something, never act like you dont know how. Pretends that its no problem, make a few frantic phone calls, and make the impossible possible. Only after all else fails do you get to tell the boss it cant happen.
Luis Pedrosa

Think Drink

Part of your new life in Hollywood is going out. Assistant mixers, one-on-one drinks, meet-and-greets By the time Friday night rolls around you wont want to see the top of your bar stool ever againBut I hate making small talk! Too bad. In a business where who you know is more important that what you know, you will have to master it...Its called networking after all.
paul kline

Make Them Show You the Money

If there is anything working in the Biz has taught us, its to ask for what you wantAs an assistant, even when youve proven your competence, you might find it harder to ask for things. Stop it right now. If you dont get yourself noticed, no one will notice you. Its that simple.Just dont, and we cant stress this enough, sit back and wait for the good karma to come your way. Make your own karma.
Andrew Dernie

Build Bridges, Dont Torch Them

People are going to tick you off. Thats a given. Your boss is going to inspire thoughts of brutality and torture. Certain assistants will make your skin crawl. Even the interns are going to give you a case of the rage. Still, its the law of probability that some of the very people you hate will become wildly successful. If youre lucky, theyll forget why you didnt like each other and the two of you will partner up to make a movie that takes Cannes by storm.
Jaap Hart
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