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What would your dream work space look like? Take your cues from these alphanistas with bold personal touches designed to inspire.


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    Jenji Kohan

    OCCUPATION: Creator, executive producer, and writer of Weeds

    EXEC FILES: Channeling the Bohemian vibe of Showtime's Golden Globe-winning show, Kohan created a comfy writing nest in Los Angeles with the help of Weeds set decorator Julie Bolder. Tibetan prayer blankets and paisley pillows keep the mood chill for this mother of three, who seldom finds quiet writing time at home. "It doesn't feel corporate, it feels cozy," says Kohan, 42, who peps up her Zen space with fun curiosities like cookie jars and mini pinball machines. We had to ask — will season eight be the last for Weeds? Kohan's lips are sealed, but one thing is certain: The show will go out with a bong.

    Jeremy Liebman
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