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Ok, so I use one giant tomato just for me or maybe three little ones.

This is an Italian recipe so there are no measurements which means you can't really mess it up.

The other good news is-it's fast and easy to make when you get home from practice and need something in your stomach.

1. Cut up a tomato any way you like.

2. Sea salt, Ground Pepper and Italian Seasoning (Durkee Italian Seasoning-honest and it solidifies this as an Italian recipe).

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3. Balsamic vinegar and Virgin Olive Oil to taste.

4. Mix.

5. Add a dollop of low-fat cottage cheese. Daisy is prefered.

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6. Eat.

As an alternative you can definitely substitute beets and also add a turkey burger cut up or whatever else you were going to eat for lunch. I didn't have bread one day so I just cut up a burger and added it in. It's keeps the (sometimes) dry turkey meet moist.

And since summer is far from over-fresh tomatoes will be around for a few more weeks for sure!

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