Eden Univer

I’m a makeup, hair, and skincare-obsessed beauty editor by day and cat cuddler by night, treating my foster-turned-forever cat Gus like the king that he is.

How a Marieclaire.com Editor Gets Ready in the A.M.

Senior Features Editor Danielle McNally packs a lot into her mornings.

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4 Ways to Transform Your Brows

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I Used Korean Beauty Products for Two Weeks and This Is How It Changed My Skin

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Hair Diaries: One Curly Model's Journey to Loving Her Dominican-Guyanase Hair

After years of trying to tame her ringlets into submission, Victoria Gomez shares how she finally fell in love with her natural hair.

Hair Diaries: One Comedian's Struggle with "Cornsilk Hair"

From oily-and-stringy to clean-and-healthy in three easy steps.

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These Getting-Ready Hacks Will Literally Cut Your Morning Makeup Routine in Half

Sona Gasparian's time-saving beauty tricks will let you hit the snooze button. Again.

Must-Know Trick: Foundation That Leaves Your Skin Looking Better Even *After* You Take It Off

Foundation with self-tanner = 💯.