The Best 11 Tinted Moisturizers That'll Leave You With a Dewy Glow

A lazy-girl essential.

The Best 11 Tinted Moisturizers That'll Leave You With a Dewy Glow
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Let's be honest: We all want perfect skin. But even the most diligent skincare fanatic will find that our skin just refuses to cooperate sometimes. That's why face products were created, to help us out when that burgeoning pimple starts to threaten our incredibly fragile egos. Or maybe that's just me. Though undoubtedly effective, foundations can be too full-coverage, cause breakouts, or just feel excessive when you're just sitting at home in sweatpants, taking selfies. (Please tell me that's not just me.) That's where tinted moisturizers come in.

Tinted moisturizers were invented to give us all smooth, even skin without feeling cakey or overdone. As makeup technology continues to advance, brands are incorporating some exciting skincare benefits into these products. Nowadays, tinted moisturizers often combine all the best of makeup, skincare, and sunscreen into one convenient product. For every need and preference, there's a tinted moisturizer that is calling out for you. Want to hide new wrinkles? We got you. Just want a little pick-me-up? We have that. You want a super dewy finish to help with dry patches? Just scroll down and see. The best of the best has been collected, so you can get back to taking selfies in your pajamas to show off your perfect skin.

Tatjana Freund

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