The 15 Best Tinted Sunscreens for Face of 2023

Foundation? Don’t know her.

woman wearing sunscreen in the sun
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So, you’re on the hunt for the best sunscreen product—the miracle UVA and UVB protector that won’t feel goopy or look chalky. It sounds easy, but if you’ve struggled with a white cast or battled to accept the thickness that typically accompanies zinc or titanium dioxide-based mineral formulas, you know the search is far from simple. The good news: One of the best tinted sunscreens will check every damn box…and then some. The color will cancel out any chance of a white cast (we dive into the science-y stuff below) and double as a lightweight foundation, while the star ingredient, zinc oxide, gives the added benefit of blue light protection, which isn’t always guaranteed with a run-of-the-mill SPF.

Convinced? Not convinced? Keep reading. Here, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lindsay Zubritsky helps us break down the many benefits that come with tinted sunscreens. Plus, we’re sharing the editor-approved favorites that deserve a spot on your shelf. From matte finish SPFs that will replace your makeup altogether to glow-giving sunscreens with SPF 50+ protection, here are the best tinted sunscreens in the game. 

The Benefits of Tinted Sunscreen 

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While any good SPF is going to do the job, tinted sunscreens offer a special set of benefits—and it all boils down to the ingredient list. Tinted sunscreens contain something called iron oxide, which is what gives the SPF, and in a lot of cases makeup, its color. “Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the main ingredients in physical sunscreen and these minerals are white in nature. Combining iron oxides with zinc oxide helps to eliminate the white cast typically associated with mineral sunscreens," explains Dr. Zubritsky. 

And leave it to iron oxides to go above and beyond. Dr. Zubritsky explains that they’re also great at protecting against blue light, which is emitted from the sun and our electronic devices. “Blue light can contribute to aging, hyperpigmentation, and worsening of certain skin conditions like melasma.” In fact, a handful of recent studies have found that tinted sunscreens containing zinc oxide are “beneficial for patients with hyperpigmentation disorders.” 

The Best Tinted Sunscreens