The Chocolate Chip Cookie Hair Trend Is *Way* More Wearable Than It Sounds

I promise.

I've got to hand it to chocolate chip cookie hair. It may be the most ridiculous-sounding of the droves of color trends we've covered in 2015 and yet here I am, officially deeming it the most wearable of them all. So, how exactly can a roll of Nestlé Toll House (or Neslée Toulousé, if you're Phoebe Buffay) inform your strands? It's simple, really.

The "chocolate chip" look comes courtesy of NYC hairstylist Ryan Pearl of Cutler Salon and, in essence, is a variation on dimensional blonde using soft honey hues to highlight brunettes or darker blondes. Given that Pearl is natural-looking color enthusiast it's subtle and totally wearable. So why the off-kilter name?

"I often use food terms as a way to 'paint a picture' and make it much easier for a client to understand what I've done," Cutler told Mane Addicts. "For instance, these tones I may call 'chocolate chip cookie' because it's a much more interesting, fun, and relatable way to name a color than simply referring to it as 'warm or cold.'"

Brilliant as I think we can all attest to the fact that at the salon, many terms, like "brighter" or "shorter" can get lost in translation. In terms of application, Pearl may be light-handed, but is totally methodical in his technique. 

Fernando Milani for Mane Addicts

"I try to add to the look I've created by painting ribbon-like pieces that cascade over her face while I stagger the height of the painted pieces on the sides and back of her head," he explains. "Then I paint a section of hair and blend in the ends of another section of hair as a way to accentuate POP."

The best part? It's designed to look good as your hair grows out. Translation? Less upkeep.

Considering that it was Mane Addicts, beloved Kardashian-Jenner hairstylist Jen Atkin's website, who put this technique on our radar, it may only be a matter of time before the entire KUWTK squad's donning the look—especially because it's designed for women with a darker base color in mind.

Fernando Milani for Mane Addicts

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