How You Can Use Dish Sponges to Give Yourself Perfect Summer Waves

Non-domestic-type friendly.

Girl using dish sponges on in her hair
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If balloons (opens in new tab) just weren't doing it for you, there is yet another heat-free way to curl your hair using a household item. Enter the dish sponge, which is the secret weapon behind blogger Charmie Jane's cascade of beachy waves. How exactly?

She takes each section of hair (the bigger the section, the looser the wave), wraps the strands around the middle of a *clean* sponge, folds it an half, then uses an elastic to secure it place like a hot roller.

After doing this to the entire head, she sleeps on the squishy sponges—you can leave them in as long as possible, if preferred—then takes them out one by one, revealing gorgeous, spiral-y waves. Pro tip: You can loosen up the the texture by finger combing for a more lived-in feel.

Watch Jane work her magic below:

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