The 16 Best Dry Shampoos for Every Hair Type

See you never, grease.

A woman with curly, voluminous hair.
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Look, I love the feeling of a shower-fresh, squeaky clean scalp (opens in new tab) as much as the next person, but most days, I end up throwing my hair in a messy bun on top of my head during my daily shower. The extra effort of getting my hair wet, shampooing (opens in new tab) twice, waiting for it to towel dry, then blow drying (opens in new tab) it into submission just seems far too daunting when I don't plan on leaving the house. But I have fine hair, (opens in new tab) so even on day two I can start to notice a little unwanted oil in my scalp. And days three and four? I need to bring in reinforcements. When things get a little greasy, I'll often reacher a silk scrunchie or elevated hair accessory, but my everyday fix remains the same: a solid dry shampoo.

I've searched high and low for the best and the brightest in the category, and I've realized that there is no one answer. Dry shampoos are totally contingent on what type of roots they're being spritzed on. While some are perfectly formulated to absorb oil and add volume to fine wispy strands while others are geared towards overflowing curls or breakage-prone manes. But luckily, there now are near-endless options on the market for every single hair type. Here, we've rounded up the absolute best formulas available for bringing your scalp back to its fresh self.

Taylore  Glynn

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