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You Need to See These Truly Crazy Dermarolling Before-and-After Pics

Hi, we would like this done to our face now, please.

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Okay, we get it—dermarolling seems like one of those gimmicky products you see promoted by spammy bloggers on your Instagram feed, but we promise you that it's actually a legit, effective way to fade discoloration, resurface fine lines, and smooth acne scars, all by using a needle-covered roller to literally puncture your skin to stimulate collagen production.

Basically, don't expect it to feel like kitten kisses on your skin. And although we officially recommend you get your needling done by a board-certified dermatologist, we know you won't do that. So instead, you can try dermarolling on yourself at home, at your own risk, using the cult-favorites Banish or Rodan & Fields AMP, as long as you promise to follow the instructions.

Just know that the results are not overnight miracles. It takes time for collagen to build. Still, results really do happen, and to prove it, we rounded up the craziest before-and-after pics of dermarolling in action, ahead. Get ready to have major FOMO.

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So i haven't really posted the other side of my face... This is my left side. This is after 1 year and 4 months of using a dermaroller, as well as a Pen Stamp. from @banishacnescars. I stayed consistent in my skincare routine. Which i feel is mainly why my results are alot better 😍 I rolled every other sunday, then switched to every other sunday rolling and using the pen stamp in between on the deeper scars. I ALWAAAAYS used and still use the Banish Oil after each time i rolled and stamped. I also always used and still do the pumpkin enzyme mask in between uses... I also did take a break for a month from rolling and used retin A tretinoin cream, i really noticed my skin did smooth out from the use of retin A cream too! I stopped using because of it being summertime and sunshine and all 😁 . Right now i am using the retin A on my nose area, and forehead area. Im using a different penstamp for my deeper scars on the sides of my skin for now! I also just added the@banishacnescars Vitamin C creme as my daily moisturizer. 😊 i still exfoliate with the pumpkin mask from Banish, at least once a week. As well as spot treating if i have any random breakouts. I try being consistent with the pore smasher also to start the day, just to freshen my skin up. . Also before i used the Banish products my skin was extremely red/hyperpigmentation... Heres a cpl things i started off with that did help me. 💝@pixibeauty pixi skin treats glow tonic 💝radha rosehip oil 💝micro dermabrasion facials from a local salon . So it feels amazing to have gone this far and have my skin this much smoothed out. I never ever thought my skin would ever improve this much. At the end of the day your skin DOES NOT defy you.. But it does feel great when you feel comfortable in your own skin, ive said it a million times before lol. Stay consistent!!!!!! Don'tgive up. Keep on moving and you will get there! Just find what works for you! Im very thankful to have found banish and all the support in the insta acne community you guys are amazing. 💝 . #banishacnescars #banishwarriors #exfoliate #acnescarsremoval #dermaroller #dermapen #microdermabrasion #skincare #acne #acnescars #cysts ##cysticacne #skin

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#microneedling #whatadifference3sessionsmakes! #dermarolling #naturalbotox

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