What Should I Wear for a First Interview?

Dear CC: I'm going on my first job interview in l0 years. What should I wear to show I'm up to speed fashionwise without being disrespectful of corporate culture?

CC recently had someone show up for an interview in flip-flops, and not designer ones, either. She didn't get the job. We notice what you wear, and the less you've got on your résumé, the more we're forced to rely on stuff like that. Now, if you were applying for a job at a place like Marie Claire, CC would advise you to strut your fashion cred (a plaid bustier over that crisp white blouse, perhaps?). But with, say, a law office, a little more subtlety is called for. Show you mean business: jacket on top and heels below. Also, show you don't mean sex. It's perfectly fine-nay, appropriate-these days to flaunt your curves, but this is no time to take the puppies out for a walk. And please, please, go light on the perfume. When you sweat, as you invariably will during an interview, it starts to smell like a French cathouse in here.

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