Help! My Boss Groped Me

Dear CC: My boss groped me at a company party. It wasn't overt and disgusting, but nor was it appropriate. He's an OK guy and a good manager. But do I owe it to my colleagues and myself to report him?

CC once had a boss who, despite all the out-of-court settlements, liked to go around pawing the interns; during the height of Monica-gate, he paraded around the office bellowing, "What's wrong with a good blow job in the afternoon?" A few ways for you to handle, none ideal. You could confront him quietly, explain your discomfort, and add that you see no reason to take your complaint higher. He should get the message (or, more likely, move on to fresh meat). You could take it to someone else in the company, asking to keep it off the record, and have her say something to him. Or you could go to HR. Most companies have formal sexual-harassment policies in place, but they often can't promise to protect your confidentiality. As for that burning question: Nothing wrong with a quick one in the afternoon, as long as the boss isn't involved.

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