Eating in?

As promised, I'm checking in to tell you all how I did with my money diet over the last week. Honestly, the first few days were a little rough. As it turns out, the cafeteria at my office was featuring my favorite dish: stir-fry. Hearst rotates the entrée offerings every week. I've been anxiously awaiting stir-fry week since I started working here. (What can I say? I'm a woman of simple pleasures.) So the only right thing to do was treat myself. But, it sure did cost me. Take a look at how I did:

Wednesday: Stir-fry. $9.65.

Thursday: Didn't pack a lunch because I was planning to meet a colleague. She bailed, so I headed to the cafeteria. (No stir-fry, too pricey.) $4.88.

Friday: Woke up late. No time to fix a sandwich. $7.04.

Monday: Packed a sandwich and two string cheeses for snack! $0.

Tuesday: Packed a lunch again! $0.

Wednesday: Getting a free lunch at a media event today. $0.

TOTAL: $21.57

So far, so good this week. I'm doing better with breakfast as well. Waking up early enough to eat breakfast and make a lunch just isn't going to happen. The next best thing: stashing a box of granola bars at my desk to eat when I get to work. No more bagel buying for me. I'm saving money and eating better. Talk about a win-win.

How is everyone doing? Write in and let me know if you succeeded with your money goal last week.

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