How To Switch Careers

Dear CC: I'm 37 and bored to death with my job. But I'm

afraid changing careers means starting at the bottom again. Can I make a jump

without sliding all the way down the ladder?

Thirty-seven is way too young to be bored to death with

anything. Unless you have some overwhelming personal responsibilities, it's

time to relook and reload. Careers are rarely a straight line to the top; more

often they're a series of hops up, down, and sideways. Show in your cover

letter how translatable your skills are. CC has hired college kids based on how

they juggled five courses and a work-study job, and stay-at-home moms who

deftly managed car pool, colic, and charity work. But it's up to you to sell

the recruiter on how to make this work. Worst case: Offer to come in at a

reduced rate for the first year.

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