To Tech or Not to Tech: Keeping in Touch with Co-Workers

The other day, I received a Facebook request from an old boss who had actually never spoken directly to me when our workspaces were 10 feet away from each other.

If this person never spoke to me at work, why is it acceptable to all of a sudden be "friends" on Facebook? I was in college when Facebook was launched. That meant all of the people who were my "friends" had actually earned the title. I think the same standards should apply on the web.

Facebook is open anyone with an email address. That's also true for career-minded applications like LinkedIn. I'm worried that we are relying too much on technology to get our messages across and stay in touch with one another-and we're losing important aspects of communication, like body language and tone of voice.

These days, I am probably more apt to pick up the phone than enter a password to another website in order to check if someone is trying to get in touch with me. And I've noticed I actually gets things done more easily this 'old school' way. While everyone's email inboxes pile up, a phone call can be a welcome interruption, and a quick way to check something off of my to-do list instead of waiting for someone to get to my email.

Last week, I lost my cell phone charger, leaving my cell phone dead for two days. Every couple of hours, I checked my voicemail from my landline. This entire time, I didn't get one new voicemail. But when I finally located the charger and plugged my phone in, I had received 11 texts from different friends, all of them angry I was ignoring them, lending more support to my theory that we are becoming increasingly lazy with our communication styles. And it's only getting harder to keep up with all of the technology we're using.

I don't think the same things can be accomplished through a 20-word Twitter post as a friendly phone call, and to be honest, I don't want to Twitter. All of these websites, while trying to make multi-tasking easier, are just adding one more distraction from our every day lives: now I have to check another website in order to get information from not only my friends, but my co-workers? I think I'll pass. What do you think?

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