The 7 Most Coveted Summer Internships

School’s out, which means tens of thousands of students across the country are angling for summer jobs and internships. But given the woeful state of the economy, only a third of them will likely find work, according to a recent report by the Ce

School's out, which means tens of thousands of students across the

country are angling for summer jobs and internships. But given the

woeful state of the economy, only a third of them will likely find

work, according to a recent report by the Center of Labor Market

Studies at Northeastern University, which predicts that employment will

reach historical lows this summer. For a select group of overachievers

who have snagged the most competitive internships, this summer won't be

nearly as bleak. Herewith, the nation's most coveted internships, and

the perks lavished upon their lucky recipients.

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GOOGLE (Mountain View, Calif.)

Interns here don't just make copies and fetch coffee. They attend

weekly meetings led by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They also

enjoy the same perks showered on Google employees--free gourmet meals,

spa treatments and laundry services. Interns bond at Google-sponsored

scavenger hunts, baseball games and evening cruises. Tempted? Good

luck. Google fielded over 5,000 resumes for fewer than 1,000 slots.

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THE WHITE HOUSE (Washington, DC)

Arguably the most selective internship around, the White House received

roughly 2,800 applications for the 100 positions available in three

internship cycles, according to the Princeton Review. The job is mostly

clerical work, but occasionally involves actual planning of events

scheduled at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Plus, the program is capped by a

sendoff by the President himself. The best part? Rubbing shoulders in

the White House hallways with power players like Condi and Dick!

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Ever dreamed of flying a plane? Northwest Airlines offers an unpaid

internship program in Flight Operations, where students majoring in

aviation or aeronautical science get hands-on experience handling a

full flight simulator. Southwest Airlines, based in Dallas, also offers

internships in their Flight Operations division, in addition to Ground

Operations Training, Finance and Graphic Design. Intern benefits

include career development classes, holiday celebrations, and--wait for

it--unlimited travel on Southwest Airlines for the duration of your


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VIRGIN RECORDS (Los Angeles and New York City)

The music giant accepts up to 60 interns from a pool of 500 applicants

from the US and London. It's an unpaid internship with pricey perks,

including free CDs, concert tickets and entrance into listening parties

and promotional events. Virgin Records also hires College Reps to pass

out posters and CDs to campus radio stations. Reps are paid $200 a

month and reimbursed for incidentals like gas and phone charges. They

may also join a visiting band's entourage on public appearances.

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An internship at Rolling Stone is one of the most exclusive in

publishing. Only 18 interns are accepted from over 700 applications. In

addition to working at the legendary mag, the (unpaid) interns score

free promotional music samples and advance releases from their favorite

bands. Unfortunately, you won't get a byline in the magazine unless

your last name happens to be Wenner. The internship is a coveted

springboard for any wanna be music editor.

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The NBA received over 1,000 resumes for about 25 internships in their

10-week summer programs in New York and Secaucus, N.J. Slots are

available in Advertising, Communications, Entertainment, and Public

Relations, among others. Perks include lunches and workshops with NBA

executives and, of course, free tickets to basketball games.

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The suds giant, which produces 44% of all beer in the United States,

offers a paid internship to about 40 students, with compensation

ranging from $375 to $700 a week. Internships at their 15 satellite

offices are available in Brewing, Packaging, Marketing, Finance, and

other departments. The company offers perks like housing assistance,

social events for interns, and a discount on Anheuser-Busch

merchandise. Careful: You'll need ID for the beer.