The Early Bird Gets the Look

I hate blow drying my hair but it's one of those tasks that just had to be done (unless of course I want to look like an un-groomed toy poodle). On days when I'm running non-stop from meetings to appointments to after work events, I want my hair to look glam so I wake up extra early to get it just right. It never ends up looking like a salon blow-out but who has time on those busy days to pop into a salon at lunch?

Well, no need to now. I thought my hair prayers had been answered when I heard that Bumble & Bumble was opening their doors at 7:30am for blow outs! Yep, their Early Bird Blow Dry Special is available 7:30am - 9:30am, Monday through Friday at their uptown salon: 146 East 56th Street, NYC.

The best part? It comes complete with complimentary breakfast. Coffee anyone?

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