Salary Report: Women Are Still Getting Shortchanged

We're Still Getting Shortchanged

In honor of Equal Pay Day (April 28), a look at how women are stacking up, salarywise:

  • For every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 78 cents. That number has climbed 1 cent since 2006.
  • Fresh-out-of-college women make $15,498 less per year than the boys; over a 35-year career, they'll make $210,000 less.
  • A 25-year-old female PR specialist makes the same as her male colleagues; 20 years later, she'll make about $35,000 less.
  • She-EOs make $303,000 less than their male counterparts.
  • Male primary-care physicians make 22 percent more than lady docs.
  • Male IT workers make 11.9 percent more than geekettes.
  • According to the American Association of University Women, at the current rate, we'll reach pay equity in 2040.
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